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Aerial arts have become an increasingly popular way of keeping fit in recent years, what better way of working out then acting like a super circus ninja, and hanging our upside down, suspended in the air. If you are an adrenaline junkie - this is for you! If you want to learn erotic cabaret hoop and pole - this is for you! If you just think it looks pretty cool... hey! Guess What? this is for you! 

I offer various different classes that are listed below. Please keep in mind that CURRENTLY I can only teach pole dance if you have your own set up. I am hoping this will change soon. Due to Covid restrictions and losing the London studio the only current options are 1-2-1 hoop, hammock, aerial conditioning and aerial Yoga... please contact for more information!


For beginners and those looking to gain strength, or those that just like a full work out for the up keep of their Aerial training. This is kind of like Aerial Bootcamp, it is done using the Aerial Hammocks and is a full body, hour long work out, teaching you how to utilise your core, arms and shoulder strength, the key components you will need to hold yourself up in the air for an aerial routine! It is a fast paced and fun work out, that I can tailor to your level, and teach basic tricks and shapes for further Aerial training. 


I teach entry level hoop to get you off the ground (literally) we cover basic tricks and lifts, how to get on and off the hoop (important) and give you the confidence to build a basic routine. If you are already an accomplished aerialist with a lot of hoop experience this class is not suitable for you.


I teach entry level silks. These classes are designed for those new to aerial, we will learn to climb, build strength, invert and basic tricks and confidence building. Please note that since having my son I do not teach intermediate or advanced level, and I do not teach drops, these classes will return in time but until my own practice and strength is back to normal, I will only be accepting beginners!


Pole classes are available for beginners through to intermediate, I also teach ‘floor play’, how to move around the floor and work this into your routine, it helps break up a full routine in the air and interact with an audience, should you ever perform. We will learn spins, inversions and tricks, strength, conditioning and flexibility, pole is my favourite aerial discipline and one that is open to all levels, even if you don’t want to invert or do tricks, lets learn a routine together!

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