Samantha Beagley


Creating connection through breath and movement.

I have a gentle and encouraging, but thorough, approach to teaching. I ask everyone, including myself, to leave their ego at the door so that we can have fun and meet ourselves with acceptance when we fall out of a balance or get entangled in an Aerial Silk, and land on the crash mat. 

I try and bring a little humour to my classes and hope that students will be able to open up and allow themselves to fully embrace their practice with me. 

My aim is always that we honour our bodies and that we work on creating a feel good flow. What feels good and what feels right for me, will be different to what feels good and right for someone else. So I ask that everyone works to their own pace, pausing and resting when needed. I offer both modifications and options to go further, so that every class is accessible to both beginners and well-practiced yogis, to those that favour strength and those that favour flexibility. Embracing that everybody and every BODY is different, and no two people will practice Yoga or Aerial exactly the same way.

I enjoy learning about you all, as much as I enjoy teaching, and I hope to meet you on the mat, or in the air, soon!

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I am a 300+ hour Yoga Alliance registered teacher, specialising in Vinyasa flow and Aerial Yoga, as well as other Circus and Aerial arts - including Pole, Silks and Aerial Hoop! I am also trained in chair yoga, restorative and pre and postnatal. I have been practicing Aerial and Yoga in tandem, for almost 15 years, and would love nothing more than to help others find the joy and passion I have for these beautiful movement  art forms!

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At this time I am sorry to announce that ALL real life classes have been paused yet again as we enter our second UK Lockdown due to Covid-19. I am moving my Tuesday morning class on to Zoom for those interested in continuing their practice with me! On top of this I will continue to offer FREE 45 minute Zoom classes 4 times a week sponsored by Our Parks, Sport England and Lucozade Sport. 











Please note that to join the online Free classes you must to go Our Parks to book, there is no credit card or payment details needed as all the classes are completely free, simply sign up and take your free classes! If you enjoy my free class offerings and would like to drop me a small donation, please click the link below.

Online classes

Studio Classes



Private Classes

"I started Yoga with Samantha on the 28th of March. A few weeks into lockdown. I literally did not miss one day of classes for 5 months. It has been an amazing journey of discovery and partnership. I felt that I was being given this amazing opportunity and I could not let myself, or this super dedicated teacher down.

I was a classically trained dancer, so I recognised in Sam's classes a rigorous approach in how we work all aspects of the body. It has been a gift and I will always be grateful for all the evenings Sam generously spared in order to help us develop. From the bottom of my heart, thanks Sam!!!"

Frances, Zoom Yoga

"Sam's thoughtful and easy to follow teaching style allows everyone to be included. I had dabbled with Yoga on and off before joining Sam's classes but now I look forward to my regular practice. I have improved strength, flexibility, can run longer and faster, with no injuries! Yoga is such a good cross training exercise. What has been great for me is that Sams enjoyable classes have taught me to value relaxation as much as physical activity, and I learning to get my whole life more balanced. Thank you Sam!"

Christine, Zoom Yoga 

"Samanthas online Yoga classes via Zoom have become an essential part of my day. Her relaxing, positive voice, her humour and individual advice picks us up wherever we are, inspires our growth and keeps us sane during lockdown, on our path of self-care, self-acceptance and reaching new individual goals. She offers advice to different levels, each challenge making us happy and confident in our own achievements. We train flexibility, balance, strength (particularly core), back pain relief and relief for tense body parts and teaches us to enjoy the feeling and movement within our own body. I'm deeply thankful to Samantha, for offering me a path to my own super powers."

Jennifer, Zoom Yoga

“Sam is an incredible teacher who pays attention to each individual student . I couldn’t believe how quickly I picked up tricks on the Aerial Silks, but it was all thanks to my patient teacher Sam. Thank you my teacher!”

Jackie - Aerial Silks, Aerial Conditioning

I love practicing Yoga with you, you are amazing. I visualise what I can't do and love watching you demonstrate the postures beautifully! You are so clear in your instructions which makes it easy to follow and I am so in tune with you!

Jean, Zoom Yoga


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