I have always been in love with the idea of aerial performance and circus arts, intense flexibility and contortion. My passion grew when I began Pole dancing and training at The National Centre For Circus Arts back in 2006. After a short break from Aerial to concentrate on work, I began practicing Yoga.

Yoga was suggested to me by my mother. I have always suffered with intense stress and anxiety, made worse with a fast paced lifestyle and constant travelling for work. 

  I have never experienced any kind of therapy or medication that works the way yoga does. It is the perfect way to refresh both body and mind. 

   After years of practicing and training with various teachers and studios both here in London and abroad in Los Angeles, I began training to teach in London. I qualified as a level 3 Yoga coach and shortly after, level 3 Pilates. I believe my qualification is just a piece of paper that gives me permission to teach, my training and style has been adapted and created taking what I love from all my teachers, classes, peers and even my students over the years.

  My style of yoga is based on Vinyasa flow, with my own personal touch. I concentrate a lot on relaxation as I think the most important thing we can do for ourselves in this crazy world, is give our mind a break. 

I then went on to train Dynamic Aerial Yoga, which brought my circus background back, I started to train and teach all Aerial disciplines. My physical and mental well being has never been better. 

  After discovering the incredible benefits of Yoga, and the intense passion and love I have for Aerial arts, I hope to lead others through their practice with sensitivity, conviction and passion, whether you are an accomplished Yogi/Aerialist or just dipping your toe in the water for the first time....

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