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Hello sunshine!

My name is Samantha and I started 'Stretch With Samantha' in 2016. My background is in Yoga and circus arts, I began pole dancing at the age of 18, I then went on to train at The National Centre For Circus Arts and Aircraft Circus, before falling head over heels in love with my Yoga practice. I am a level 3 Yoga and Pilates and a dynamic Aerial Yoga instructor. I also teach aerial hoop, pole and silksโ€ฆ so whatever your pleasure, letโ€™s get fit together!

My yoga flow is a slow Vinyasa with attention to backbends and shoulder openers, I love to stretch and get deep into my flexibility and I hope to share that passion with my fellow yogis. I choose soothing music, that I sometimes write myself, to calm the mind and relax us deeper in to our flow. Yoga is an escape from the busy everyday life in London, when I began practicing, I aimed to rid myself of anxiety and stress through my breath work and flow, it is the only thing that truly centres me and makes me feel at peace.

My Aerial Yoga classes are also focused on stretching and flexibility, the hammocks will help you get deeper into your splits and backbends then you've ever gone before, it is both satisfying and rewarding (plus it looks pretty cool) for the second half of the class I will get you in the air and turn you upside down, after all isn't that what Aerial Yoga is all about? This attention to stretching will also help anyone that wants to go on and train Aerial disciplines, as flexibility is key....

My Kickstarter courses for all my beginner Aerialists, run all year round at Skylab Studio in Camden, with a sample of hoop, silks, hammocks and contortion over a 4 week period. Along with that I am also available to help any budding circus fiends that wish to find their flight with private hoop & silk classes.

Whether you just wish to dip your toe in the water or whether you are looking to go head first into your yoga or aerial practice, I hope to see you on the mat/in the sky soon. 



discover your inner circus perfomer with aerial hoop, silks & pole.



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